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Select companies from our investment and engagement portfolio

Twentify - TRPE Capital
Pisano - TRPE Capital

Netas is a leading provider of best-in-class telecommunications solutions to the ICT, systems integration and defense sectors in Turkey.

Netas is listed on Borsa Istanbul (BIST:NETAS).  TRPE acted as the advisor to One Equity Partners on this portfolio firm.


Twentify enables companies to mobilize an on demand workforce of smartphone users to collect data; driving valuable insights and empowering better business decisions.


The platform delivers accurate, in-the-moment results, quickly and efficiently, every time.


Pisano is a powerful and easy to use customer experience management tool for your business.  


Pisano collects and analyses real customer feedback to grow your business.  

IVEN - TRPE Capital

IVEN provides a product cloud solution for enterprises to power new capabilities in order to increase productivity, decrease costs and time-to-market.

Startsub - TRPE Capital

All the services you need to do subscription box business are ready with Startsub.


Startsub simplifies all the tiring processes for you with fast website building, user friendly dashboard, ready to use payment system, shipment and box production deals.

Creatorden - TRPE Capital

Creatorden connects and facilitates transactions between brands and social media influencers via a desktop platform for brand managers, and an iOS application for influencers.

Blesh - TRPE Capital

Blending physical and digital worlds, Blesh makes it possible for advertisers and developers to build context aware communications.


Blesh operates a mesh network of more than 20.000 sensors and is integrated in more than 20 million users in 90+ applications.